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We're team Kilo that's gathered to solve a problem in the weight management process that fails every time because it's difficult, cumbersome, and grandiose.
Why we make
People start weight management because they want to live a life that is satisfied with their present self.
However, it is not easy to manage your weight in a healthy way. Because you don't know how to do it, it's cumbersome, or it's grandiose, you only have the experience of failing every time.
So we want to completely lower the existing entry barriers so that anyone can easily and steadily manage their weight, creating a world where everyone lives confidently and healthy in the way they want.

Live confidently and healthy lives with mealligram!

We want to make it easier and more fun than ever before by sharing the entire journey from the beginning to the end of the people who decide to take care of their weight so that everyone can live a confident and healthy life.
We launched the service in May 2020, and achieved the following results in the Korean app market. By 2023, we want to solve the health and weight management problems that all mankind worldwide is suffering through global expansion.
Currently, we support English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.
Korean 1st diet & workout record app in iOS/Android at the same time
A rating of 4.8 / 20,000 reviews
Cumulative 1 million downloads
Cumulative 50 million records

Let us introduce the simplest health diary, mealligram

Record all health data in an easy way

Did you know that consistent records can improve your health? We want you to manage your body and health with ownership!
All weight management records, including meal, workout, body, water, and number of steps, can be managed in one place. Evaluate according to your standards and intuitively see how it changes every day Take ownership of your bodies, and understand what the benefits really are!

Motivate with group

In fact, users with others in the group have a higher retention rate than those who do not. Keep moving toward your goal with the people you want to be with!
If you make a group according to your desired goal, You can share your health records in real time and communicate with group members. Cheer for each other, you'll find yourself practicing it consistently

Organize today health records into one image!

Do you want to share your daily records with SNS, friends, experts, or do you want to organize them in the gallery?
mealligram provides your daily diet, exercise, water, number of steps, and body records in a single image. If you want to extract each record, you can choose a square image. And if you need a detailed version of the record, you can choose a single summary image, or multiple extracted summary images divided into squares.

Lighter day, Healthier Life!

Have you decided to take good care of yourself? With meallgram, you can easily manage all the records in one and have fun practicing with people!

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